Tasks for the meeting in Poland

Tasks for meeting in Poland (Monday 25/04/2016 to Friday 29/04/2016)


Issues to be dealt with:

•             Grooming / online predation / Internet predators

•             Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking

•             Offensive content - violence, self-injuries, pro-ana movement, discrimination

•             Sexting and Obscene content, e.g. pornography

The following tasks should be prepared by the students that will participate at the meeting in Poland with the assistance and supervision of the SIFA teachers:

Task 1.

At least 50 students must fill in the Pre Special Questionnaire on Safety – the topic of the meeting in Poland. The deadline is 29th January 2016.

The link can be found on: http://www.sifaplus.eu/en/

Task 2.

Preparation of a short presentation of your country/school/team (5-10 min max). Preferably as a ppt file or a video.

It should be sent by 15th April 2016 (or put in google drive, or in our wiki).

Task 3.

During the meeting the students will be asked to create a website (working in 4 different groups) on one of the issues connected with safety on the Internet.

Using the Creative Commons sources as well as the legal materials widely accessible on the Internet, gather the visual material you will need while creating the website, save it and bring it with you. While doing this, please respect all the rules and regulations you have heard about since SIFA project started.

Task 4.

Write a real-life story on each of the discussed issues:

•             Grooming / online predation / Internet predators

•             Cyberbullying, Cyberstalking

•             Offensive content - violence, self-injuries, pro-ana movement, discrimination

•             Sexting and Obscene content, e.g. pornography

Each country will write 4 stories altogether (each one on a different topic), and send them (or put them in google drive, or in our wiki) by 15th April 2016.

Word limit for each of the stories: 80-130 words. You can either make up a story or write about an event that really took place. To learn more about such stories, please watch Alicia’s story on: http://www.internetsafety101.org/predators101.htm

Task 5.

Each country thinks of at least two questions to experts giving lectures or running workshops during the visit in Poland on Internet Safety and sends them to Pawel by 5th April 2016.

Task 6.

Do research on the issues to be discussed during the meeting. Be familiar with the definitions of the issues, as well as read about the possible ways of solving the problems. The students, under the supervision of their teachers, will be asked to use their knowledge to create a website (defining the problem, statistics, ways to solve or prevent the problem, etc).

Task 7.

Since the tools to be used while writing articles and creating websites are going to be: WEEBLY and Jilster.com, please check the following sites to learn more about the tools:














4 websites linked to sifaplus.eu (WEEBLY) – 4 different topics each group.

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